Every serious aquarist dreams of a custom aquarium designed & built  just for them.

Aquatic Creations has extensive experience with large scale custom aquarium installations and passionate aquarists wanting to take their hobby to the limit.

Whether you’re looking for a custom aquarium designed to fit a particular spot or trying to find a cabinet and hood to match your existing decor, Aquatic Creations has an extensive selection of aquarium furniture available in a range of custom designs and finishes to compliment your home.

‘Built-in’ Custom Aquariums can offer many advantages such as the ability to hide filtration and water treatment equipment from sight, the convenience of having taps and drains right where you need them and even a dedicated ‘fish room’ where quarantine treatment and breeding tanks can be kept isolated.

At Aquatic Creations, no job is too large and we can even build on site if this is more convenient. We will liaise with your building/architectural team and can provide engineering certification where required. We also provide a colour matching service and can customize a piece of aquarium furniture to match exposed timber and boards.

Looking for something a bit different? We can provide curved glass and manufacture tanks of just about any size and shape imaginable as well as providing aquarium furniture to match. Ask us about low-iron star fire glass which is significantly clearer than normal glass.

Add an extra dimension to your shop floor or board room and impress your clients.

Take a look at our gallery and don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote.