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    Marine Tanks

    Rightly or wrongly, the keeping of Marine Fish and more particularly live coral in Captive Reef Tanks is often considered the peak of the Aquarium hobby. Many people, new to the hobby are intimidated by the thought of setting up a Marine Aquarium assuming the expense, work and expertise required to maintain such an awe inspiring Aquatic display to be beyond them. This need not be the case.

    Marine Aquariums are not necessarily more expensive than Freshwater Tanks and one could easily invest an equivalent sum of money in either. It is however, far easier to maintain a very small Freshwater Aquarium than a Saltwater one. One reason for this is the size of the fish. Even the smallest Saltwater Fish commonly offered for sale in Aquarium Stores is several times the size of a Neon Tetra for example and this means a larger volume of water is required for adequate housing of our pet fish.

    As the minimum tank size and consequently the equipment required for Marine Aquaria exceed those for Freshwater, we can see why the average saltwater fish tank seems more expensive. A larger volume of water will always be more stable and less prone to violent shifts in water chemistry than a smaller one; hence those new to the hobby should always consider purchasing the largest Aquarium they can afford. In all our years in the trade we’ve never struck a client who wished they bought a smaller tank but we encounter many who regret not having invested in something bigger.