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    Freshwater Aquariums remain the most popular choice of Aquarists around the world.

    For most of us, the humble goldfish bowl is our first point of contact with the hobby. A good way of introducing kids to the responsibilities of pet fish ownership, the goldfish bowl is nevertheless soon outgrown as the inherent problems of maintaining a tiny biotope without the aid of aquarium filtration become apparent.

    This coupled with the lure of more attractive Tropical Fish varieties often leads to the purchase of one’s first real aquarium. The complete Tropical Aquarium Setup allows for the addition of a range of Aquarium Products which greatly enhance not only the aesthetic appearance of the Fish Tank but also significantly increase the longevity of the fish.

    The most attractive aquariums are those where the fish are healthy, vibrant and active. It is generally easy to know when things in the tropical aquarium are right, apart from the usual indicators of fish health, clear eyes, erect fins, activity and appetite; if a compatible pair of a particular species of tropical fish is housed together and the conditions are perfect, they will try to breed. For many aquarists, breeding tropical fish and successfully raising the fry, represents true success.

    To achieve this level of success it is crucial to get the basics right. Aquatic Creations Online Aquarium is here to help you every step of the way. We stock all of the best aquarium products the freshwater aquarium keeper will need and have the experience to provide you with the right advice.