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    Aquamedic Easy line 300 RO DI filter



    Aquamedic Easy line 300 RO DI filter

    For the production of soft and low-salt water for sea and freshwater aquariums, for spraying terrariums and many other applications.

    - easy line 190 approx. 190 l/day
    - easy line 300 approx. 300 l/day

    The reverse osmosis systems of the easy line series are compact and powerful. They also meet the highest demands on water quality. The fine filter retains all dirt particles larger than 5 µm. The activated carbon pre-filter removes chlorine to protect the membrane. The module consists of membrane, pressure pipe and flushing valve. The membrane is the heart of the system and crucial for the pure water quality. In our systems, we work exclusively with the latest generation of TFC (polyamide / polysulfone) membranes. The systems work with a yield of approx. 3-4:1 (wastewater:pure water) and have a salt retention of up to 98%.