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    Aquatic Creations Melbourne

    Aquamedic Queen 160 Protein Skimmer

    Aquamedic Queen 160 protein skimmer 

    For marine reef aquariums up to 1,600 lts

    Measures 290mm x 350mm x 550mm high


    Extremely quiet and smooth operation thanks to the “ULTRA SILENT” pump
       Housing decoupling
    - Simple and convenient adjustment via app control
    - Alternative adjustment option using the included controller with
       feed stop button and 0-10 V connection
    - Energy-saving 24 V pump
    - High air input, optimal bubble formation thanks to the new optimized power wheel
    - New foam rails ensure precise bubble guidance in the
       skimmer housing
    - Directed foam formation through bubble booster in the base plate
    - Foam development can be controlled electronically and manually
    - Noise reduction through adjustable water outlet on the bottom of the housing
    - Overpressure protection in the foam pot through Cup Control
    - Incl. effective silencer
    - Small footprint thanks to compact design
    - Can be completely dismantled for easy cleaning
    - Optimum filter basin adjustment through variable Pump position (Apple iTunes Store) (Google Play Store)