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    Aquatic Creations Melbourne

    New Sera Aquatan 250ml Water conditioner, best on the market!

    Sera Aquatan 250ml

    Fish friendly, crystal clear water in freshwater and marine aquariums sera aquatan with the new sera Bio-Protect Formula immediately conditions tap water to fish friendly fresh and marine water. The fish feel visibly better in the healthy, clear water according to their natural requirements. Aquarium maintenance thus requires less efforts, and the hobby is more enjoyable.

    Healthier, more fish friendly aquarium water due to the sera Bio-Protect Formula

    Trouble-free fish transport due to the pH neutral sera Formula

    Immediate removal of aggressive chlorine Heavy metals are immediately bound Splendid colors and liveliness due to iodine

    Mucous membrane and gill protection due to skin protecting colloids

    Does not change the pH value, even in case of overdosing

    Enzyme activation by magnesium for healthy fish growth

    Less stress and nerve system support due to vitamin B