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    Easy Life Voogle 500ml


    Voogle is becoming increasingly familiar and use of it is on the rise. Not just on the part of consumers, but also by aquarium shops and importers of freshwater and saltwater fish.

    Resistance to antibiotics

    Use of antibiotics is generally becoming more and more problematic. This is due to the rapid increase in the number of pathogens that have formed resistance. On a daily basis we get to hear about the increase in resistant bacteria in such things as chicken. However, it is also the case in aquaristics that there is already an alarming increase in resistant strains of Ichthyophthirius multifiliis (freshwater white spot disease).

    Resistance to antibiotics increasingly problematic

    Ban on antibiotics

    In many countries the free use and sale of antibiotics is being debated. If antibiotics are not used properly, then this gives rise to resistance. To prevent this the EU would like to ban the free sale of antibiotics. One direct consequence of the legislation passed is that the sale of products that contain antibiotics in Dutch pet shops is prohibited (as of 1 January 2013).

    The alternative: Voogle

    It goes without saying that medicines are (still) available for piscine diseases. Nevertheless, it would be better to use the new generation of remedies, namely Voogle. Often these are equally effective and have countless advantages. The biggest advantage is that, even in the case of frequent usage, no resistance will develop.

    Voogle was developed by Easy Life as far back as 2010 and has since been perfected further. Voogle is based on targeted boosting of the immune system, thereby combating the pathogens naturally. This approach is also of great interest in the development of medicines for humankind as it has been scientifically proven that medication that boosts the immune system has considerable capacity to prompt the immune system to prevent and fight infections without the intervention of antibiotics.

    Voogle does not result in resistance

    How does Voogle work?

    Strong and weak fish

    It is sometimes evident that in an aquarium containing diseased fish not all of the fish fall sick. A strange phenomenon, but one that also occurs in people: not everyone catches the flu or falls sick. If the immune system is in good order, then the chances of becoming ill are much lower as well, or you will recover more swiftly.

    Voogle owes a lot to this principle, working directly on the immune system of a fish.

    Each and every fish has a natural immune system that protects it from pathogens. Circumstances and factors such as transport, polluted/contaminated water or a high pathogen content will cause considerable stress. Stress increases levels of the hormone cortisol, which has a huge influence on metabolic processes. Disrupted osmotic regulation, vitamin C degradation, protein degradation, etc. expend a great deal of energy and exhaust the fish. However, the biggest problem is that cortisol has an immediate adverse effect on the immune system of a fish. The so-called leukocytes contain the enzymes.

    These lysosomes are surrounded by a membrane. These small “suicide sacs” normally fuse with harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses and leave the digestive enzymes to do their thing. Cortisol, however, changes the chemical structure of the membranes, thereby inhibiting the lysosomes from fusing properly with the pathogens. The mucous membranes in particular contain a lot of lysosomes and it is therefore clear that the natural protection at high cortisol levels (read: high stress levels) no longer functions properly.

    Voogle sees to it that (for example) the production of cortisol is impeded, ensuring that the immune system is no longer hampered by loss of energy and active lysosomes. The upshot of this is that pathogens can once again be fought adequately due to the immune system being back up to full strength. The mucous membranes in particular will be able to provide optimum protection once more. 

    Voogle does away with the need to use antibiotics in salt water and fresh water!

    Even after using Voogle it is not necessary to refresh water, something that is necessary after the use of antibiotics in order to remove residual medication.

    Using Voogle

    Voogle can especially be used to prevent and combat piscine diseases in or on mucous membranes.

    Consider in this regard:

    • - Bacterial infections
    • - Columnaris (cottonmouth), fungi
    • - Ichthyophthirius multifiliis (freshwater white spot disease)

    Regular use will ensure that aquariums contain fewer or no more pathogens due to the hosts (fish) no longer constituting a source of food. It will also mean that the fish can be sold more quickly and easily without weeks of quarantine.

    Voogle has a stimulatory effect on all fish, prawns and lobsters. Moreover, it does no harm whatsoever to snails, plants or the biofilter. Neither does the product have any effect on the important water parameters, such as pH, KH or GH. Voogle also breaks down naturally, meaning it is not necessary to refresh water after use.

    These are all major benefits of Voogle over antibiotics, which for the most part cannot be used in aquariums without risk. These risks to fish, useful bacteria and other organisms are not associated with the use of Voogle!