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    Eheim Biopower 200 Internal Filter

    With EHEIM biopower you have a high performance internal filter that has never before existed.

    It has got its all-round rotatable pumphead, its modular construction and further features from the aquaball concept. 

    The special thing about biopower is that it offers multilayer filtration just like an external filter. The closed filter baskets are filled with highly efficient filter medial (e.g. SUBSTRATpro). The inlet basket with filter cartridge for the mechanical-biological prefiltration is located at the bottom. The water sucked in at the bottom is pumped to the top through the various filter    layers and after filtration directed back into the tank. 


    The aquaball concept with external filter technology External filter technology and...

    For aquariums up to approx.:

    200 Litres

    Pump power (50 Hz) per hour of approx.:

    210l - 650l

    Pumping head approx. (H max at 50 Hz):

    0.43 m

    Power (50 Hz) to:

    6 Watt

    Filter volume:

    0.53 l


    270 mm

    Dimensions in Ø:

    96 mm



    Sea water: