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    New Eheim 2080 1200XLT external filter

    "EHEIM professionel 3 1200XLT"

    With our EHEIM professionel 3 we offer you the jewel (highest standard) of filter technology*. 

    EHEIM professional 3 represents high quality, strong performance, excellent power efficiency, smooth operation and lots of additional benefits. Self priming, a large prefilter and safety hose adapters are just some of the advantage.

    *The professional 3 1200XL model is also available as a thermo filter with an integrated heater – 1200XLT

    Advantages of the EHEIM professionel 3 filter

    • Top quality external filter for aquariums up to 1200 litres
    • The first filter with a triple hose adapter (2x suction side, 1x pressure side) for perfect water circulation in large aquariums
    • Flow indicator - indicates when the filter should be cleaned
    • Transport wheels enable the filter to be moved
    • Pre-filter tray - for "drip-free" transport of the prefilter during cleaning
    • Square canister for large filter volume and high stability
    • High flow rate with very low energy consumption
    • Adjustable pump output
    • Whisper-quiet operation and extremely long service life thanks to high-performance ceramics in the pump drive
    • Suction aid for fast filling of the filter canister
    • Safety hose adapter can only be released when the valves are closed
    • Large prefilter retains coarse dirt and extends the cleaning intervals of the biological filter material; easy to remove and clean

    Top class filter technology with several advantages

    The EHEIM professional 3 is the highest level of our professional external filter generations. With a square base for stability, the filter has a large filter volume but fits into corners and needs less space.

    Suction aid
    No more complicated suction methods! With the suction aid, the filter canis-ter is filled and immediately ready to start.

    Safety Hose Adapter
    Hose adapter with 3 hoses. For safety reasons, the hose adapter can only be released when the valves are closed.

    A large prefilter, positioned in the top of the canister, retains coarse dirt and can be cleaned quickly between maintenance intervals. This protects the biological filter material in the other 3 filter baskets, providing a much longer service life.

    Filter baskets
    The filter baskets can be filled individually and are easily removed for cleaning.

    Quiet operation
    EHEIM High Performance Ceramics, i.e. components made of high-performance ceramics (impellor axles and bearings), mean exceptionally quiet operation, high load capacity and extremely long service life.

    Ready for connection
    All essential accessories are included: suction pipe, nozzle pipe, outlet bend, EHEIM quality hose, pre-filter tray and installation accessories.

    The complete filter media set 2520800 is available separately. 

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