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    Aquatic Creations Melbourne

    New Eheim Jager 150w Aquarium Heater, 3 year warranty!

    Eheim Jager Thermo control Aquarium Heater 150W

    Rated for 200-300 liters

    Heater Length 345mm

    18-34° C

    65-93° F

    Undisputedly the most reliable and efficient aquarium heater in the world!
    With thermo-safety control (auto shut-off)

    Made from special stable glass
    Precise temperature regulation
    Fully submersible (waterproof)
    On/off indicator light
    Extra long cable of 170 cm
    Including clamp with 2 suction cups

    1. Temperature recalibration
    2. Precise temperature control
    3. Heating function is indicated by an on/off control lamp
    4. Special Schott DURAN shatterproof glass
    i.e. resistant to cold water shock

    o Dry-running protection
    o Fully submersible
    o Comfort cable length approx. 170cm
    o Excellent heat transmission – lower wattage to
    heat the same volume of water (150 W heats up to 300 l.)

    3 Year Warranty!