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    New Sera Bio Nitrivec 500ml Water conditioner, best on the market!

    Sera Nitrivec 500ml

    Premium class liquid filter medium

    • Breaks down food remainders, ammonium and nitrite biologically
    • Provides settling area for useful purification bacteria
    • Creates a biologically active living environment

    The dangerous toxic substances ammonium and nitrite are being formed permanently in aquarium water.

    Sera bio nitrivec, a sera biotechnology product, contains millions of purification bacteria, by whose support a stable biological equilibrium forms quickly and reliably so the occurring toxic substances are broken down continuously.

    The additionally included mineral volcanic rock removes pollutants, effectively binds cloudiness and provided suitable settling area for the purification bacteria. For healthy, clear and biologically active water.

    Allows adding fish already after 24 hours when combined with sera aquatan!

    Recommended dosage

    Use the cap as a measure.
    Shake well before using! A temporary white cloudiness indicates the efficacy of the product. Depending on the pollution degree of the water, the cloudiness will have disappeared entirely after 4 – 24 hours, and the water becomes crystal clear. Add 10 ml* of sera bio nitrivec for every 6.6 US gal. (25 l) of water in case of new setups, water changes, newly added fish, filter cleaning and disease treatments.
    * One capful, filled up to the end of the outer corrugation, equals 0.3 fl.oz./10 ml.