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    New Sera Phosvec clear water conditioner 500ml

    Sera phosvec 500ml
    Immediately binds phosphate in aquarium water. The white precipitate of bound phosphate is removed from the water by the aquarium filter or a partial water change using the sera gravel washer.

    Clear sight

    • Removes mineral cloudiness
    • Removes the main algae nutrient phosphate
    • For lastingly crystal clear, clean water

    Mineral as well as dead organic material (detritus) may cause annoying cloudiness of the aquarium water. The latter can additionally increase the phosphate level in the water and thus support algae growth.

    sera phosvec・clear immediately binds the cloudiness and makes them collectable by the filter. At the same time, it removes excess phosphate and thus prevents excess algae growth. For lastingly crystal clear and clean water.


    This is for the 500ml bottle.