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    Aquatic Creations Melbourne

    New Sera Toxivec water conditioner 250ml

    Sera toxivec® contains the innovative QuickClean Formula and immediately removes dangerous pollutants threatening fish and filter bacteria from the aquarium water. The parallel efficacy against different kinds of pollutants makes it especially valuable. The quick effect of sera toxivec® removes ammonium and nitrite in no time. Therefore it prevents the conversion into nitrate and immediately supports prevention of annoying algae growth. Furthermore, it removes aggressive chlorine from tap water. Also, it is effective against remainders of disinfectants or medications applied. However, sera toxivec® can do even more: It also binds toxic heavy metals such as copper, zinc, lead or even quicksilver/mercury. Therefore, these pollutants cannot harm the fish nor the useful bacteria within the biofilter. Thus the frequency of water changes will be reduced. If need be, e.g. with particularly high pollution levels, higher dosage is possible with sera toxivec® without any problems. A second addition after one to two hours is also possible.

    This is for the 250ml bottle.