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    Aquatic Creations Melbourne

    Splosht Small Dam conditioner for Algae & sludge control, All natural and safe!

    Small Farmers Pack: Treats 80,000 litres for up to 3 months

    Dams commercially stocking fish and marron for the hospitality industry.

    Having your own private pond on your property can be a headache or a wonderful environment for your family and friends to sit by and enjoy. Splosht makes it easy to maintain your pond naturally and keep your water clean for your fish, turtles, wildlife and your pets.

    Splosht has made treating Zoo pond enclosures easier and safer. Splosht waterdissolvable sachets are light and easy to apply from inside or outside enclosures. Keeping the water naturally cleaner for longer is imperative in providing a clean natural environment for the animals.

    Splosht naturally keeps water in Zoo's clean and clear. National Zoo & Aquarium in Canberra is an award winning Zoo that uses Splosht to keep its pond enclosures clean naturally. Splosht keeps their water safe for their animals. A natural environment and naturally clean water!

    Councils have many pond water bodies they need to keep clean for the enjoyment of the public. Splosht makes it easier and safer to keep these ponds clean, clear and naturally safer water bodies for birdlife, public pets, wildlife and the general public. Application of Splosht is safe, easy and cost effective in time and labour to apply.

    If you require assistance in working out your volume please call our friendly Splosht Team and we will be glad to help you.