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    Aquatic Creations Melbourne

    Tetra Fresh Delica 4 mixed, krill, daphnia, bloodworm and shrimp 4 x 16 x 3g

    Tetra Fresh Delica 4 pack includes 1 x Krill, 1 x Bloodworm, 1 x Daphnia and 1 x Brine shrimp 16 x 3g , best fish treat food available!

    Contains brine shrimp, bllodworm, daphnia, krill in vitamin and nutrient rich gel food

    Fresh and natural taste for maximum fish acceptance

    Targeted feeding for more and healthy feeding fun and interaction with your fish

    Wrappped in sterile, germfree, handy, indidvidual sachets

    Contains up to twice as many nutrients as frozen foods

    The convenient, healthy and safe alternative to frozen foods

    No need to refrigerate, no preservatives, can be kept for 3 years

    This is for 4 x 48g packets

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